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3rd Annual Roman Gala~ Embassy of Italy~ NMCAL Part III. ( Part I , Part II and Part III) - YouTube

"Meet Prince Lorenzo de Medici"

"Unveiling of Michelangelo St Pieta Pieta "
with Prince Lorenzo and prayer by Archbishop Timothy Broglio

Former Secretary of The Veterans, James Nicholson introduces honoree fo the Lifetime Achievement Ambassador Ray Flynn
Speeches by Johan Schotte and Prince Lorenzo

Archbishop Broglio receives Lifetime Achievement Award.

Video Credit: by Peter Stepanek at Sky High Art Media

Our Museum is under the “Patronage of The Blessed Virgin Mary” promoting art and supporting our artists.

NMCAL leadership honoree, NASA'S Mike Massimino speaks about his Catholic faith when he was looking down at Earth from inside the space craft from millions of miles away.

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